Las Vegas Logoz

Bob and Darcy Daugherty are the principals of Shirtzz, Logoz and Promoz.  Their website is Las Vegas Logoz.  We designed a mobile responsive website that worked with the look, feel and colors of their logo.

Using a Store to Display Choices

Our client is able to source over 800,000 products.  Their products and pricing are constantly changing.  So our challenge was to give people a sense of everything Shirtz, Logoz and Promoz can do and then directing customers to contact them.

We came up with the concept of an online store but one that does not include checkout.  Stores have a category and product structure that is perfect for the task.  Customers come to the shop and can see examples of branded products OR can go directly to suppliers and shop for a specific item.   But we direct all customers to contact Shirtz, Logoz and Promoz.  Bob and Darcy can identify the right supplier, get the best price or suggest even better alternatives.