For nearly 20 years, the San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group, SFBig, has been the home of the San Francisco Bay Area digital marketing community.  Their programs and events are the key to being current on trends and technology.  Joining SF Big is the first step in connecting to the most powerful marketing community in San Francisco.

Our site has many features:

  • Events – All organization events are listed on the site in a calendar we created.  Tickets for all events are sold on the site, which also provides a check-in area.
  • eCommerce – Memberships and sponsorships are sold in the eCommerce store we created for the organization.
  • Memberships – Individual and Team memberships are sold on the site.  Organizations can purchase blocks of memberships for their employees.  Members get automatic discounts to some events while other events are free.
  • Sponsor Pages – We celebrate sponsors with full page profiles that educate visitors about the company, share a social feed and highlight the representatives who attend events.