Custom Website Design


A custom website is an original design created especially for your company.   The look and feel of your website needs to reflect your business.  Our custom websites represent your business at its best.

Custom Design Elements

A custom website draws from many different design elements to create a unique look and feel.  It could be the layout or a combination of the layout and colors that create the look and feel.  Custom fonts may be used as well.  We may design mouse over effects, meaning that some elements react and change when you move your mouse over them.

Very often, the design of the site is based on the impression you want to create.  Need a buttoned down, professional look and feel?  Or do you want to show that your brand is about fun?  Your goals become part of our design.

These are just a few examples of the types of work we can do.  Check out our portfolio to see our work or contact us with your questions.

Custom Content Sections

Your business may offer a large variety of services.  In order to show potential customers what you can do, we often create pages for each of your services.  Similarly, you may offer your solutions to a number of types of customers.  For customers like this, we create who-we-help sections.  For other customers, we may add a portfolio to display their work or results.  If a topic is important to your business, it merits a page on your site.

These strategies are not only designed for your website visitors.  These are also best practices in the hunt for higher search engine rankings and more website traffic.  Your website is not like a newspaper.  Your website visitors do not all start at the home page and work their way to the inside pages.  Search engines direct people to the exact page that most closely matches their search.   A user who comes from a search is sent to the page that talks about the topic they searched.  This person is more likely to make a purchase than the average user who starts at the home page.

Website Functionality and Integrations

Your website is not just a set of pictures.  It is a web application powered by a WordPress database.  There are many systems which integrate directly with your website.  For example, our real estate websites have an integration that allows customers to search real estate listings in real time.  Our stores can integrate with third party shipping and fulfillment solutions.

Do you have a system that needs to talk to your website?  As us about it – it might be easier than you think!

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