Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation



Everyone has a system for managing their clients, and at Hunter Marketing Group we know how to help you manage your clients effectively. Having a CRM eliminates the need for sharing software, reduces the chances that notes are lost, and helps you gauge employee activities. We will take into consideration your needs, workflow, business and processes to determine which CRM is right for you.

Know Your Available Tools

With so many CRMs on the market, ranging in function and price, knowing which one to choose can be tricky. Many are so similar that understanding their flexibility and ability to adapt to your business is often what causes business owners to cycle through CRMs, never actually finding one that works for them. Take for example SUGAR and vTiger originated from the same designer, but over time have adapted in different ways making their current versions drastically different.

Our CRM administrators are able to customize your instance to match your needs and your business. We will also help you create report templates to run reports as you need them. Finally, we train up to 3 individuals within your organization to do basic changes and tasks inside your chosen CRM. This will help you increase efficiency without increasing your costs.

Why Use a CRM?

Regardless of how you keep your clients organized, whether it be in physical files, on a notepad, or in your computer, you are managing that relationship. As your business grows even the most efficient filing systems need help to make sure that all your client notes and projects are in the same place. Let us help you get the right system for managing your client relationships today and in the years to come. The right CRM will help you to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers and much more.

Some of the Available CRMs Include

SalesForce – This online application has a large variety of products to help your business grow and prosper.

SUGAR – The worlds largest open source CRM used by more than a half million users.

HighRise – If you use BaseCamp, HighRise might be the right CRM for you to stay organized.