eBook Publication and Product Landing Page



From start to finish there are three main steps you should follow to create a powerful lead generation and conversion campaign focused around a specific topic or idea. From transforming your idea into a lead generation tool you can use time and time again, to reengaging with your leads and converting them into clients, Hunter Marketing Group can help make the process simple and easy.

Three Steps to Create an eBook & Landing Page

Step 1 – Transform Your Idea Into a Lead Generation Tool

Lots of people have ideas for short literature pieces. Hunter Marketing Group will help you take your idea and layout the content specifically for you and your business. We will then publish your eBook complete with a cover for you to distribute on your existing website, or a new site.

Step 2 – Establish an Online Presence for Lead Capture

Having a published eBook is usually only half of the equation, the incentive that gives someone a reason to provide their personal details to you. Now, you need a mechanism for capturing site visitors and converting them to leads for your business. Most often this is a landing page or a mini website. First, the difference between a landing page and a mini website are the number of pages. A landing page is exactly what the name implies, a page. A mini website is more than a single page and is more often part of selling a specific product around the eBook you are distributing.

Step 3 – Convert Leads into Clients & Reengage Them

Both of these websites have the same purpose, to draw traffic and retrieve a name and email that can be used to market a service. Because of the type of marketing you are capable of performing it is common to have a visitor use a double opt-in process to acquire their Free eBook. This requires a connection to an email blast provider, and many are available.

Now that you have a captive audience reengage with them consistently, sending useful information along with products and offers they can’t get anywhere else. Then as you monitor and analyze user behavior you can adjust your content to maximize engagement and conversions.