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eCommerce Integration Starts at $500


Make Your Website An Online Store

Your WordPress account can be expanded to become a full online store.  We are proud to offer Woocommerce integration, which is available with any of our websites.   Your new online store will allow customers to order over and over through their own accounts.

Have An Attractive and Effective Store

Your store can have any number of products organized by product categories.  We can set up product options like size and color.  We can add on functionality like subscription products.  Is there something you would like your store to do?  Let us know!

A Store that Works with Your Business

The site maintains a complete history of orders.  Your website will maintain your customer list.  When orders come in, the site automatically sends out branded order notifications.  Your site can maintain your inventory including down to the number of each size of a product in stock.   These are just a few of the ways that

Online Store Integration Includes

  • Integrated cart with website using Woocommerce
  • Set up user permissions
  • Set up a coupon
  • Product catalog with categories
  • Paypal configuration included. Additional fees apply for configuring other checkout options such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover
  • Configurable shipping – flat rate, shipping based on weight, etc. Domestic and international rates available. Additional fees may apply for more complex shipping charges
  • Tax code implementation for any U.S. state
  • Optional inventory management and back-orders
  • Cross sell on the site using featured products, related products and recently viewed products

See Samples of Our Online Stores Here

eCommerce Integration Starts at $500

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