Simple and Custom Forms


We offer a simple to use, yet powerful forms builder.  With it, you can ask virtually any type of question.  Our clients use these custom forms to gather leads, help their customer service and even take donations.

Simple Contact Forms

The simplest use of forms on your website is the contact form.  When users provide their information, your website will immediately email you.  We deploy these on many pages of a website, so they appear when people are likely to be interested.  This is just one of the ways we improve conversions for our clients.

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Complex Forms

We create very detailed and specific forms.  We ask the same questions on the website that you would ask if the customer had called.  It is true that more people answer short forms than long ones.  But when someone takes the time to answer more detailed questions, it is usually results in a good lead.   Some of the things we can do include:

  • Take donations
  • Let users submit photos and files through the site
  • Gather testimonials

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