Testimonials and Reviews page



Testimonials and reviews are a key part of how consumers choose service providers and products.  It has even become a factor in Google’s search engine rankings.  Reviews have become part of the buying experience.

Every Business Needs a Review Strategy

Today, most business owners understand that reviews drive business.  A customer’s first hand account of a company’s work is a great way to establish credibility.   A group of reviews like that, contributed over a period of time, is extremely powerful.  It says your company does consistently good work.

The challenge is how to get busy customers to go to a website or app and leave a review?

Make It Easy to Review

Many potentially great reviews are lost because it is too much work for the customer.  If they have to click a link, scroll down, hit a button, etc., statistically, the review won’t be left as often.  We make the job easy for the customer.

Your Reviews Page

Reviews are an important part of your business.  We build a page on your site that becomes the home of your reviews.  There are 3 parts to the Reviews Page:

  1. Links to Review Sites – We link directly to the spot where you can start typing reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook or any other site where you have a review profile.
  2. Review Us Form – On our Reviews Page is a form that allows people to submit reviews directly on the site.
  3. Reviews Sampled – We share customer testimonials right on the page

Interested in Getting More Reviews?

The Reviews Page is just one way we help our customers get more reviews.  Portfolios promote reviews.  Email newsletters are great ways to request reviews.  These are just a few strategies.  If you are interested in getting more reviews for your business, contact us below.